Who, Me?

I’m a BYU graduate who studied the endlessly fascinating field of neuroscience. I took a detour from my intended science career and worked at a hat company called Zephyr Graf-X in Loveland, CO for three years. Then, I completed a master’s degree in Biomedical Sciences at CSU. Now, I’m in Kansas City working in surgical neuromonitoring for Seastnan Medical. I hail from Minnesota where I grew up with two older brothers, a younger sister, ever-loving parents, and a short brown dog. At some point in my life I was a swimmer, cross country and track runner, Nordic skier, downhill skier, biker, climber, slackliner, pianist, crafter, photographer/videographer, penny pincher, and traveler. Nowadays I tend to make the rounds with those titles, never really choosing one and only one, nor do I really spend enough time to get good at them. Just like to have fun.

email: emorley4@gmail.com
instagram: emorley3

From L to R: Uncle Eric, Dad (Tony), Mom (Taia), Alex (bro-in-law), Maria (sis), Dany (sis-in-law), Stew (bro), Franklin (bro), Emma (Me)