Ben & Emma

Hey! We’re gettin married! We made this page to answer some FAQs:

How’d we meet? An app. Yes. That’s right. We swiped on each other. But if we made up our own story, it would be that we both reached for the same tool at Home Depot and the rest was history.

How long have you been dating? Coming up on 2 years!

What are your plans for the future? We regularly ask the same question. So far, here’s the agenda: Ben (in 4th yr of med school) and Emma (working in Kansas City, MO) will be in Kansas City for Dec and Jan. Both of us are going to India for a Himalayan Health Exchange trip during the month of Feb. Mar-Junish we’ll be in west TX for Ben’s final med school rotations. Jun/Jul onwards we’ll be who knows where. It depends on what residency program wants Ben (we find out in Mar).

Who is Ben? A creative, curious, optimistic med school student interested in orthopedic surgery and AI.

Who is Emma? Also a creative, curious, and mostly optimistic person working in the field of intraoperative neuromonitoring.

What’s your wedding info?

  • 8 Dec 2022 at the Payson, UT temple
  • Open House: 6:30-8:30pm at 587 E 1600 N, Orem (if you’re around, stop by!)
  • Registry: There is no obligation for gifts! But we’ve gotten some inquires, so here’s a link to a simple registry if you feel compelled to peruse it. If you do contribute something there, thank you very much! But seriously, no obligation.
  • Family members, click here for more deets

What do Ben and Emma do together? We’ve been dating long distance this whole time, so aside from talking on the phone a loooooot, we try to visit regularly and maximize adventure. We’ve met up in west TX, Boston, Tulsa, Arkansas, Kansas City, UT, Austin, and technically Mexico (when we camped on the Mexican border of the Rio Grande, but don’t tell).