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Colorado mornings  10 | 20 | 15

 Gosh, Colorado, killin me with the daily views.


NYC  10 | 14-15 | 15

Acting all high and mighty again at work meetings in NYC this time.


Monticello, UT  10 | 9-11 | 15

Libby. Libby Libby Libby Libby.

+ Indian ruins and friends and vast open space and cool rocks.


Washington, DC  10 | 4-7 | 15

Acting all high and mighty at work meetings in DC.


Adventuras de Sur America 7 | 8 | 15

Bro Franklin and I signed on to new jobs, so as a kick-off to that we played some ‘catch me if you can’ and ran around Chile, Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador beforehand. Franklin was brilliant with travel savviness and scored some rad mileage points that took care of a hefty chunk of the price. We saw stellar sights, ate some scrumptious vittles, and met some beautiful souls. It was not without a lot of work, fatigue, and…a ride on the bowel struggle bus. I’ve actually mustered up the boldness to share more on this, even though it was the cause of my worst mortification to date (scroll down here: But hey South America, you’re pretty cool.


Fam in San Fran 5 | 30 | 15

Dearly missed parents flew into Salt Lake City, then we took the Amtrak from Provo to Emeryville and spent a weekend in San Francisco. Alcatraz was fittingly foggy, Muir Woods was beautifully sunny, and the seafood was blessedly delicious.


We went to Oregon 4 | 28 | 15

La Grande, Salem, Portland, Newport; green lands, Voodoo & Blue Star donuts and Salt & Straw ice cream, rocky coast, and tidal pools. This was a hike into Oneonta Gorge, the “narrows” of Oregon.


Happy Easter! 3 | 5 | 15

Egg dying, egg races, and egg hunts…


We lyke to hyke past the Y 3 | 3 | 15

This is my friend Ridge.


Back in Provo 3 | 29 | 15

Ever look at bark up close? Some trees just have really scaly skin, but we all have problems.


Star Wars 3 | 4 | 15

There was a Jedi in our Minnesota yard! Must be a full moon thing.


Those Ears 2 | 15


The “Ski” Trip to Utah   2 | 13 | 15

60s all week…


Etsy: Valentine Bunnies Sale!

Spread some love in this world with my mom’s charming 3D Valentine Bunny paper cards! Click here for details!


Gray Days   1 | 15

Days highlighted by sunlight are far and few between this winter in Minnesota, but a monochromatic world lets the smallest splash of color catch your eye even easier than it would otherwise.pinkhorse

Stew and Danyelle!   1 | 9 | 15

(preview from the iPhone)

2015-01-09 12.10.57 2015-01-09 14.19.10

i2P Expedition Lost Coast 2014   11 | 14

A week of backpacking along the coastline and through the highlands of northern California’s Lost Coast: Youth Ambassadors pushed past physical and mental boundaries while learning about their environmental surroundings and sharing their experiences and knowledge with students worldwide.



Pacific Coast Bike Trip   8 | 14

A week of pedaling from San Fran to the southern border of Oregon. Glorious.